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Canopy sale


We are the major canopy and canvas supplier in Malaysia offering the high quality with the cheapest price of canopy and canvas to the canopy rental businesses in Malaysia. We are specialist in all types of canopy, tent, shades and canvas. We supply all sizes of Arabian canopy, Pyramid canopy, A-shape canopy and Transparent canopy.



All about canopy - You can get all kind of canopy accessories at Saidina Excel Canopy. We supply everything you need for your canopy rental business like round tables, square tables, plastic chairs, banquet chairs, table covers, chair covers, sidewalls, backdrops, ceiling fans, lamps, scallops etc. with the very reasonable prices. All our products are guaranteed high quality.



The factory has a production capacity of 40 sets of canopy per week. The production process includes moulding, welding, framing, canvas cutting, joining and tailoring. All the products are monitored with tight quality control to ensure meet the high standard. We have enough stock for the medium canopy business with fast delivery.

Buy Canopy Packages


We offer a complete package of canopy for those who want to start canopy rental businesses. The package is very useful and as a reference for customers to estimate their budget for complete canopy sets including the accessories. We have many types of packages depends on your budget and requirement. We provide the cheapest canopy packages to our customers. All the canopy are high quality that you wont regret.

Web Creation Services

Website Designer

We have a value added to our products by providing FREE Website building services (one year subscription) for customers who buy our products up to RM20,000.00. For those who would like to create a website without purchasing the products, The price is only RM500.00 a year (market value RM1,500.00). You will get a BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE DESIGN (with complete SEO). See one of our portfolio HERE.

Canopy Directory

Direktori Kanopi

We provide a canopy directory for all canopy rental services and wedding planner. List your business and and get your high traffics to your website. Our powerful SEO make this website easier to be found by customers thus increasing your sales. This is FREE services, the only this youe need to do is to park a reciprocal link to our website. Thats all. Register your website now!.

Canopy Rental


Canopy rental - We provide a complete canopy rentals for all types of events and occasions. We provide the best service with adequate equipment for all types of occasions. We have sets of canopy rental packages that suit your requirement. We keep all our equipment properly to maintain the quality of the products and services.

Office Furnitures


Saidina Perabot - We are supplying quality office and school furnitures direct from factory to your office. We have many types office and school furnitures taht suite your need. The customers requests will be attended shortly and quoted with our best price. Executive tables, chairs, padestal, computer, meeting, side tables, banquet tables and chairs, white & soft boards, school desks and chairs, kids etc...


blog kanopi

BLOG - We constantly update what we do. We make approaches to close with our valued clients by providing useful tips for all matters regarding the canopy. We always strive and work hard to develop a healthy business by educating consumers on the positive things. Some our blogs articles are very popular with high traffics. We share our experience to all our customers how to make a good business.